Thursday, May 11, 2017

Best Mother's Day Nail Art 2017 Gallery | Nail Art Designs

This Mother’s Day you can plan to take an off from work and spend a lazy day with your mom to show how much you actually care. Furthermore, you have some great fun together by trying out cutest Mother’s Day nail art Designs. This is in fact one of the best ways to revive the beautiful bond you share with her.





Have a look these awesome collections of Mom themed nail art ideas, mom nail art design and trends to surprise your mother this Mother’s Day.













gift -ideas-on-mothers-day





Paint the nails of your mother with colors that are pleasant on her eyes. Also, painting her nails is one way of making her feel loved on this special day. Celebrate her life and compliment her for her beauty and grace. Life is too short so enjoy every step of the way with your moms.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Best 10 Best Nail Art Design | Nail Art Blogger

Hello friends ! missing something course its “ me” so with the hugging welcome , I am coming up with the most exciting and interesting ideas to make your beautiful hands more stylish .
For you all lovely women’s, looking for the latest and trendy nail art look no further than these 10 dazzling blogs. With everything from fashion-inspired to color-obsessed , because these blogs will show you how to get buzz-worthy nails with just a bit of patience and a few coats of paint.


Top 10 Best Nail Art Blogger For Providing you Imaginative, Resourceful And Aesthetic Ideas For Your Lovely Nails

Lacquered Lawyer

Lacquered Lawyer is a beauty blog about nail art . It features tutorials from beginner to more advanced nail art creations, utilizing various techniques, freehand painting, stamping, foil, tape, and 3D art she decided to start a nail blog after receiving multiple requests to do so from the masses…that why she started her first blog  (hence the blog title),and she love to   painting her nails in free time.For more click Here

Manic Talons

Michelle was graduate from Georgia Career Institute's Nail Technology Program and Licensed Nail Technician in the State of Georgia dedicated to her gel polish and nail art with a scattering of Indie polishes thrown in. she first became interested in gel polish . After 10+ years in the field of database administration and marketing, she decided to pursue her passion and became a professional of nail technician.For more click Here

Black Cat Nail

Arden started Black Cat Nails in 2013 to document and share her personal nail art journey to inspire or help out any beginners by sharing her personal experience, tips, tricks and tutorials to give back to the incredible online nail art community. She actually a self-employed bookkeeper and  worked from home only so with the time she started painted and designed her own nail and bring out the best ideas through her blog.For more click Here

Chalkboard Nails

Sarah Waite, editor and creator of Chalkboard Nails as well as a licensed nail technician. She  appreciate for all styles of nail art, from wild to refined, and enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in nails and  interested to bring creative arts, her  journey into nail art and blogging began in July 2011, when she saw a leopard print nail art tutorial and just had to try it herself .For more click Here

Marias Nail Art And Polish Blog

She was born in 53 and live in the north western part of Denmark. In the end of August 2011.She became a nail polish addict after many years without polish. She was fascinate about the colors so she started about all the beautiful and fascinated of nail art.
For more click Here

Nails Of Aquarius

Karolyn she started her blog on April 8, 2014 and somehow she had managed to collect over 100 plates. She addicted and the only thing that rivals her plate collection her nail polish collection. She can't bear to see my nails without some sort of nail art on them and she started this blog to share her creativity and obsession regarding nail art.For more click Here

Magically Polished

Ana a  preschool teacher that loves anything and everything that involves art...hence the creation of her nail art  blog. she was  utterly obsessed in finding the perfect nail brushes. She  believe and love to collect nail art brushes.For more click Here

Cherry Nail Art

Aurore, 24 years old and live in B├ęziers in the south of France and very attached to my region. she interested particularly love fashion, beauty and  handicrafts so she turned to something more artistic and the world of beauty. She became blogger by squatting on the blog of her mom who was blogger nail art. Very soon she started  her own blog on the theme of nail art.For more click Here

Didoline's Nails & Co

Dorra, was born in 1987.she started studying aerospace engineering in France in 2005. she graduated in 2010 and started working right after getting my diploma. Beside that her strong passion about photography . she started collected she was in college. And it keeps growing ! Each polish is unique for her and she love coming up with new nail designs and creating them.For more click Here

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Unique And Easy Nail Art Design To Do At Home |2017 Nail Art For Beginners | Best Creative Ideas Of Nail Art

Easy to Dressed-Up with  base of black nail art polish and Glitter gives you the unique Look .

designable- creative -ideas-nailsart

2017-stone-pattern-nails art


sliver-shimmer-nail art

creative-shimmer-ideas-nail art

Well according to my personal life, we women’s have run very short of time because we are so busy in our routine life, some of our working, many of us housewife’s and others are an entrepreneur in all such mess, we have left very short of time to make over us.In that, we always go for simple and classy ways to dressed-up for any parties and occasion.
  • The base of black Nail polish which easily available in every shopping malls and shops.
  • Go for some glitters of different colors golden, blue and silver which everyone may easily shop.
  • Put black base nail polish wait for a minute at least to dry first coating, then put another one and at the top some glitter on it and with the help of the plastic needle, you can make any design according to your wish this is the simplest and easier way to look more beautiful.   

2017 creative and simple idea of nails art with transparent base nail polish and shimmer which goes with your all attires.

2017-spring-nail polish-colour

easy-nail art -desgin


unique-ideas-nails art
  • Use transparent base nail polish which gives your nails shinning and classy look wait for sometimes at least to dry after that you again coated on the same and put some glitter on it.
  • Another, things you may use with the same base, purchase some Chinese nail art design box you may easily get design-able items such as stars, shimmer, and small stones go for that design which you can easily apply.

Base of blue nail art with glitter nails polish for beginners women’s who love to do changes.

fashion-ideas-nails art

summer-transparent-nails art

matt-desgin-nail art


spring- 2017 -nail trends

Give to your nails proper shape and then use blue base nail polish which gives your nails beautiful look and coated another shimmer nail polish which easily available, this will give you stunning and charm look.

Best Mother's Day Nail Art 2017 Gallery | Nail Art Designs

This Mother’s Day you can plan to take an off from work and spend a lazy day with your mom to show how much you actually care. Furthermor...