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“A woman with passion “

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself,  “Annette J. Howard” from Chicago and presently, introducing my own blog “squared nail”  the secret of mine, I  am totally obsessed about styling, fashion, and nails art and I  always try to find out something different, amazing and lovable fashion to create. ..Because fashion @ always related with the changing, so it’s good to change know. lol

What inspired me to create this blog?

Actually, from my schools day when I was at the age of 15, I love to do nail varnish with different styles.
This inspired me like half a dozen bottles became 20….then 45…..then over hundred, I always tried to find some interesting ideas through  the help of blogs, popular magazines, and searching platforms .  One day ,I was sitting alone  and decided to writing up my own blog which passionate me, and that’s how my first journey  start which today I am sharing with you all on by “ squared nails art”.

“ Girls born to look beautiful”  Girls do many things to look themselves beautiful and our nails one of the important part of our beauty as others. This blog helps “ How you make your nails more beautiful and more attractive “  stay with me, or you can reach by : suaredqnails1223@gmail.com.

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