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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Unique And Easy Nail Art Design To Do At Home |2017 Nail Art For Beginners | Best Creative Ideas Of Nail Art

Easy to Dressed-Up with  base of black nail art polish and Glitter gives you the unique Look .

designable- creative -ideas-nailsart

2017-stone-pattern-nails art


sliver-shimmer-nail art

creative-shimmer-ideas-nail art

Well according to my personal life, we women’s have run very short of time because we are so busy in our routine life, some of our working, many of us housewife’s and others are an entrepreneur in all such mess, we have left very short of time to make over us.In that, we always go for simple and classy ways to dressed-up for any parties and occasion.
  • The base of black Nail polish which easily available in every shopping malls and shops.
  • Go for some glitters of different colors golden, blue and silver which everyone may easily shop.
  • Put black base nail polish wait for a minute at least to dry first coating, then put another one and at the top some glitter on it and with the help of the plastic needle, you can make any design according to your wish this is the simplest and easier way to look more beautiful.   

2017 creative and simple idea of nails art with transparent base nail polish and shimmer which goes with your all attires.

2017-spring-nail polish-colour

easy-nail art -desgin


unique-ideas-nails art
  • Use transparent base nail polish which gives your nails shinning and classy look wait for sometimes at least to dry after that you again coated on the same and put some glitter on it.
  • Another, things you may use with the same base, purchase some Chinese nail art design box you may easily get design-able items such as stars, shimmer, and small stones go for that design which you can easily apply.

Base of blue nail art with glitter nails polish for beginners women’s who love to do changes.

fashion-ideas-nails art

summer-transparent-nails art

matt-desgin-nail art


spring- 2017 -nail trends

Give to your nails proper shape and then use blue base nail polish which gives your nails beautiful look and coated another shimmer nail polish which easily available, this will give you stunning and charm look.

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